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5 Powerful Inspirations to Change Your Life

Updated: Jun 16

Use these powerful sources of inspirations to change your life
  1. Deciding

  2. Planning

  3. Beginning

  4. Progressing

  5. Achieving

  6. Bonus: Make a decision now!

Carefully read the following sections. Then, give your new knowledge a try and make an inspiring decision!


Making a decision

The day you make a decision can be the day that starts you on a brand new journey.

Some decisions are incidental, small, or simply part of work.

But sometimes, decision-making can be one of the most important days of your life.

Deciding can be such an important, exciting, inspirational day. The day you decide can be as exciting as the day you finish your project and accomplish your goal.

Deciding, sometimes, can also lift your self-esteem: You finally made the decision. You finally stopped procrastination. You finally got that monkey off your back. You finally got through all the blocks that prevented you from making that decision.

And now it seems the sky is blue, the air is pure, the mind is ready, and the energy is flowing.

Deciding can be such an incredible source of inspiration. Once you decide, it can be a very powerful day.

However, if you don't follow through, all that inspiration won't last that long. If you decide and then postpone, if you decide and then don't get to it, soon that energy and that source of inspiration are all dissipated.

Deciding is inspiring, but not for that long! Now you must follow through. That is when planning enters the scene!



After you made the decision, it becomes exciting to start making plans.

It is incredible what can happen next as a source of inspiration. Finally, what's in your head, what's in your imagination, starts to take shape on paper!

You start committing imagination and belief to paper. You start writing it all down. You set your goals; you create steps and actions how to reach these goals. This fills you with incredible excitement; you'll remember these days for decades to come.

You have a concept of what you want; you have a dream of what could happen. When you start putting it on paper, when you start making a plan ... this is an incredible source of inspiration!

The plan makes your dream seem more real; you are actually getting to it and not just dream about it.

However, you can make all the plans in the world; it is only a source of inspiration for so long.

Now that you created a plan, this inspiration must drive you to do the next step - and that is beginning!


Getting started! Turning thoughts and the notes on paper, the plans, to action. Committing the plan to action.

The beginning can be an extraordinary source of inspiration.

When you begin, you are on a new track. You are on your way to incredible success. You leave your old ways behind. You commit yourself to a fresh start.

What you have thought and dreamt about for so long but never did, you finally did it today! You have started your new beginning. You won't believe what beginning can do for your self-esteem!

Decide, and use the inspiration from deciding to make a plan. Then, use the inspiration from planning to begin.

This beginning, these first steps, can be a fantastic source of inspiration!

And yet, a beginning can last only so long. If you begin with the first steps, the first week, and don't continue, it will all fade away. You need to continue with progressing!


Once you have started, you proceed, you progress!

You continue with the second week, the third week, the first month.

It is progressing not only in terms of time but also in learning and getting new information and knowledge. So now you are excited about that progress.

One of the most excellent sources of inspiration is progress. When your first steps are difficult, and then, as you progress, it becomes easier, you see that you can do more or better!

It suddenly occurs to you that, in a reasonably short time, you are making progress. You will never look back on your old ways once you have started making progress.

Progressing is indeed a fantastic source of inspiration.

On the other hand, unhappiness is simply the lack of progress towards a preset goal. Thus, if you are not making progress, unhappiness sets it.

Happiness is making progress towards a preset goal. You don't have to arrive all at once; you don't have to have it immediately. As long as progress is part of your experience, it is a fantastic source of inspiration.


When you finally have arrived at that goal you have set!

Achieving is an incredible source of inspiration.

However, when you achieve whatever you set out initially, what you've decided and planned, got started, and progressed with: that achievement is not much more inspiration than when you decided. It is a different kind of inspiration, a different kind of feeling!

Whatever you wish for, you can make it happen.

Draw inspiration from making a decision, then start the planning. This planning fuels you with inspiration for the beginning, for taking the first action. That first step, the beginning, is another great inspiration to continue. As you progress, you receive further inspiration.

The inspiration from achieving what you have set out with making an initial decision can fuel many projects and inspire a life-long change!


If you are ready, why not make a decision right now? Give it a try and see how far you can push your success! Use the following opportunity, make a decision and change your life. Click the banner below, get inspired, start planning, commit your plan to action and progress towards success!

There is nothing you can lose; in the worst case you have learned something new and have gained experience.

👉 Go for it now!


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